Overview and Scrutiny Committee – part 2

28 Sep

Eleven people requested to speak at the Overview and Scrutiny Committee last night and the Chairman of the Committee arranged it so that all speakers who criticised EDBF spoke first and those who defended EDBF (all members, of course) spoke last to defend it. The speakers who criticised – Tony Green, Graham Cooper, Barry Curwen, the Chairman of Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce and Richard Eley (former Chairman of Chamber of Commerce, Delderfields)  being notable speakers, spoke extremely well.  They made points such as:  lack of accountability and transparency, the fact that EDBF represented only a small minority of businesses yet received such great financial and officer help from EDDC, that it did not represent “core” businesses in East Devon.  EDBF members, on the other hand, seemed to spend most of time saying what a lovely lot they were and how much they enjoyed their meetings!

We will post on this again over the weekend but, for now, take the nugget that on BBC Radio Devon this afternoon, Councillor Graham Brown said that whatever the committee comes up with he will “take it back to EDBF and if they think it will improve things they will adopt it”!   He really does not get the point.  Several people pointed out last night that EDBF is not fit for purpose and that “papering over the cracks” or “whitewashing” is not going to be acceptable to the general public.  This is really not about what EDBF thinks but about what WE think and, in the end, we are the people who should matter most.

2 Responses to “Overview and Scrutiny Committee – part 2”

  1. Graham Cooper September 28, 2012 at 4:49 pm #

    Congratulations on a great newspaper.

    For the record my three questions to the EDDC OSC meeting 27th Sept 2012 were:

    Many thousands have petitioned recently against EDDC favouring development over landscape.
    1 Regarding increases in employment land from 80 to 180 Hectares, what part in the Local Plan did the Business Forum play?

    2 Will the scrutiny committee please reconsider their TAFF 2007 Report on employment land which now looks unsound since further planning applications on the sites have been made.

    The LDF Plan 2010 referred to planning and promoting up to 5 Hectares of additional employment land in Sidmouth.
    3 Did a BF member with EDDC officers plan for 5 Hectares of Industrial Land on AONB in Sidford?

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