What a Sidmouth “elder statesman” thinks of EDDC

30 Sep

Taken from an article reported on the Sidmouth Herald internet site from John Govier, the last surviving member of Sidmouth Urban District Council, which preceded East Devon District Council.

“My verdict on the proposals for Knowle is as follows:

1. Firstly, the future of any successful local government lies in doing things in a democratic way; and that the elected members are seen to be running the councils – not the officers – and the Knowle is a typical case in point;

2. The Knowle site is unique in Sidmouth and any attempt to develop any of it should be firmly resisted;

3. Should the EDDC depart from Knowle, then it is vital that the car parks are retained for public use – Sidmouth is desperate for more car parking;

4. The parkland and many exotic trees in Knowle must be retained and cared for – it is part of Sidmouth’s heritage, and our own councillors must protect our heritage; it is their duty to do that.

“The figures coming out of Knowle at the moment for “refurbishment” are a hype, and I see them no more than a “softening up” process for the ratepayers. Are they saying that every door needs replacing? If Knowle was in private hands now, and run by businessmen, it would be a different matter. In business you do things when you can afford them – but, of course, with councils they are not spending their own money, because it is all of us, the ratepayers, who foot the bills.”

How sad that it should have come to this.

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