What on earth is going on at EDDC Planning Department?

24 Oct

Two news stories this week:
A lady in Tipton St John received planning permission to live in her log cabin at a site there two months ago (the land and former home of her grandmother, which she left to her grandaughter in her will) and then, without any warning, EDDC changes its mind and says she must be evicted.  Read about it here.

Then a farmer in Chardstock rebuilds a derelict farm workers cottage on his land, spending £40,000 on it and is refused planning permission for it to be used as a dwelling and told firstly that he must demolish it and then he is is taken to court by EDDC where he is told that he can only use the perfectly acceptable house as an agricultural building – it can never be a home.  This is a building that had been a farm workers cottage for more than 200 years!  This story here.

EDDC tells us constantly that it is “all about homes for local people” and then decides that two of them cannot be lived in.  Truly the world in general, and EDDC Planning Department in particular, has gone stark raving mad.

One Response to “What on earth is going on at EDDC Planning Department?”

  1. Medusa October 24, 2012 at 7:35 pm #

    Of course, the person to take up the fight for this silly situation is Councillor Graham Brown, Chairman of the East Devon Business Forum, in his capacity as representative of the National Farmers Union. In fact, I am surprised that he has not been fighting this poor farmer’s corner for years at EDDC!

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