Which type of Business Forum do you think is best for us?

24 Oct

Contrast the aims of the Waveny Business Forum found here

The aims of the Waveney Business Forum are to :-

  • Raise the profile of the towns as business locations by using shared branding and media tool
  • Help build and strengthen local supply chains opportunities
  • Enable joint procurement opportunities to produce cost savings and a greener approach to service and produce provision
  • Provide a greater focus on business opportunities through business and networking events
  • Work in partnership in the collection and sharing of data within the forum and ensure there are active lines of communication between all members
  • Strengthen the role of the business associations and their members within each of their separate localities

with the aims of the East Devon Business Forum (as shown on the EDDC website here) which are to:

1    To act as a forum in which business organisations, major employers and the District Council can meet on a regular basis and agree, so far as possible, a common approach and policy on matters relating to the ecomony, prosperity and well-being of East Devon.
2    To facilitate the communication of views and opinions between the business community and the District Council (and any other relevant local government and public bodies) and through an effective partnership with local government to promote the prosperity of the District.
3    Specifically, to advise on the preparation, adoption and performance of an Economic Development Strategy for East Devon and the Council’s annual service plan for Economic Development; to facilitate development and implementation of the East Devon Community Plan; and identify or promote by other means, issues relevant to the economic well-being of people living and working in East Devon.

One Response to “Which type of Business Forum do you think is best for us?”

  1. Medusa October 24, 2012 at 1:12 pm #

    Having looked at a few business forums several of them provide regular e-magazines about what they are doing, who is doing it, what initiatives they have taken for businesses in the area, etc. Might our own esteemed Business Forum perhaps do the same thing so that we can all see what is happening, what they have achieved on our behalf and, more important, who is making it happen and who are the achievers?

    They also seem to have lots of meetings in different towns, different locations, with the focus on many things that our Business Forum seems to neglect, such as tourism, the green environment for businesses, youth development, women in business, sources of finance, training courses, the digital economy, business rates, employment law, etc. Ours seems determined to sit in Honiton talking about how much more industrial land (co-incidentally owned by several of its main contributors) is needed.

    I also note that several of them state quite categorically that the Chairman of the Forum should be a business person and not a councillor. Presumably they mean that if the councillors are also business people then the position of councillor should take precedence and a councillor should not be Chairman of the Business Forum, which seems to be a very sensible way of running things.

    Surely it is now time to break away from our almost single-issue lobby group and create something that is more relevant to the businesses of East Devon. Unfortunately, recent publicity is probably putting off a lot of businesses so a clean slate seems to be the best way forward.

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