Conservative Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport opposes government on her borough’s Local Plan

25 Oct

Alas, not a story about Hugo Swire!  Basingstoke Conservative MP and Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport Maria Miller has written to her local council opposing the number of houses they intend to put in their Local Plan because she fears that the Borough’s natural environment may suffer.  Full story here

She says “Local people have said clearly that they want to see fewer houses built in future years, and it should be for them to shape the future of the borough” and goes on “Housing numbers should be based on evidence not just of population growth and household size, but also of the impact housing development has had on our environment and water quality, and the ability of our infrastructure and water supply to cope with more.  It is about getting the balance right – the right number of homes for our community, built in a sustainable way. What I have is a question mark if more could be done to understand that impact.  We are guardians of our community, and we need to protect it for the next generation.”

Yet another example of how some local constituency MPs are prepared to put their constituents first.

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