Conservative MP objects to 800 homes next to Anne Hathaway’s cottage

26 Oct

Full story in the Stratford Herald here.  [This story will also appear in tomorrow’s Daily Telegraph but as yet there is no web link to the story].  Yet another Conservative MP willing to speak up for his constituency.

Stratford-on-Avon District Council rejected the plans partly because it would affect the character of the area and damage tourism.  It was sent to Mr Pickles at the Department of Local Government and Local Communities on appeal by the developer and was waved through by Nick Boles the planning minister on behalf of Mr Pickles under the new “presumption in favour of sustainable development” clause in the National Planning Policy Framework.

Local Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi said that he was “shocked to learn of the approval agains the clear wishes of local residents, their elected representatives and the planning policy direction of the Government “.  The MP went on to criticise Mr Pickles because he had simply gone along with the advice of his civil servants and had not himself visited the site and also said “The appeal system clearly made us vulnerable, which does seem against the Government’s objectives of localism”.

So, if as Mr Swire points out, EDDC must follow the same procedures as a private applicant, if the decision of councillors is NOT to approve the planning application will officers then appeal the decision and get it passed in the same way as this one?  An interesting conundrum.

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