Exmouth resident berates local politicians

27 Oct

Exmouth, as we know, is having its own problems with EDDC, particularly with the Elizabeth Hall which will now be demolished to make way for a Premier Inn.  Friends of Elizabeth Hall say they were given almost no time to work up a bid to run the building as a Community and Arts Centre in spite of the government’s so-called committment to a “Community Right to Buy” and a 12,000 strong petition in favour of their plans.

A letter on today’s Exmouth Journal website here  from a Ms Sawyer with the heading “Hold your votes” makes several interesting points about EDDC’s “Big Brother” attitude towards the people of Exmouth.   The writer says in her letter  “In my view, EDDC is entirely surplus to requirements, and we taxpayers must be subsidising an awful lot of extra overheads”.

There are an awful lot of angry people in East Devon at the moment!  Let’s hope some, most or all of them, attend the rally next Saturday (see banner headline for details).

2 Responses to “Exmouth resident berates local politicians”

  1. Mike Temple aka John Betjeman above October 27, 2012 at 11:28 am #

    Yes, indeed. EDDC is no longer “fit for purpose”.

  2. sidmouthsid October 28, 2012 at 8:45 am #

    It is a pity looking back that we didn’t get a unitary council when we had the choice. EDDC spent lots of money persuading us to keep them then one of the new government’s first laws was to ban Devon from having just one council instead of about ten of them. Doubtful if anything could be worse than what we have: 10 people (9 of them from the rural east side of the district) playing God with us all.

    Maybe next time around we should vote for the candidates who promise to change to the committee style of running the district. But could we trust them to keep that promise once in power?

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