Government to relax planning laws and building regulations further

27 Oct

Current building regulations are to be slashed according to stories appearing in daily newspapers today.  It is feared that regulations covering wheelchair access, space, fire and security, structural requirements and energy savings and other regulations such as those covering safety and water conservation will be ripped up.   Housebuilders will be free to self-regulate and pick and choose what they incorporate into the houses they build.

A four man “challenge panel” is to suggest ways of cutting regulations to make housebuilding easier.  Housebuilders generally have welcomed the news (they will be represented on the “challenge panel”) but some developers have said that building regulations are a relatively unimportant barrier to growth, it is the lack of finance for schemes which is holding them back.

One big builder/developer – Crest Nicolson – has said not been quite so enthusiastic, a spokesperson saying,  “None of us want to go back to poor design, poor building standards and low energy efficiency.  It might be good for reducing costs but this industry needs to be taking a view that a house needs to last 100 years – there why shouldn’t society demand very high standards”.

And all just in time for the Knowle redevelopment.

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