Misleading Leader

31 Oct
Sent in by Hamfisted :
Cllr Diviani’s embarrassed replies to Cllr Hughes’s questions at the Scrutiny Committee meeting: we have checked both points and find that Cllr Diviani was… er … misled.
The  revised application on the Knowle was submitted by Deputy CEO Richard Cohen, not by an independent consultant. The powers that be in EDDC are deeply implicated in this unprecedented bit of strange footwork in their application to themselves. Congratulations to the hundreds of citizens who have successfully bombarded our MP to achieve the promise of a Call In on this possible chicanery.
The Sidmouth Herald Chief Reporter confirms that the misled Leader explicitly stated that access to the Alexandria Estate was too problematic. The point is that the access was organised by Cllr Hughes too soon. First we need to demonstrate that it is inaccessible so we can move all the Fords containers to the Sidford flood plain. That will allow us to move Bradfords from Sidmouth and Honiton to a super-site in the AONB. Then EDDC can move to the Bradfords site at Honiton station. Then we can flog off the Knowle to pay for these moves. Then Morrrisons can move into the AONB on the A3052 with 500 car parking spaces, rescing Sir John Cave from the deprivations caused by the recession. Then we can, finally, secure easy access to the Alexadnria site in order to put in a load of second homes and investment properties for EDBF members to ensure their comfort in retirement.
Stuart Hughes’s creative work with DCC Traffic managers wrecks this neat plan. No wonder the Leader is annoyed.

One Response to “Misleading Leader”

  1. Medusa October 31, 2012 at 12:59 pm #

    I cannot wait until EDDC meetings are officially recorded and the recordings put on the internet!

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