Not-so-public consultation last time round…

31 Oct
but only if you have very good eyesight

Spot the Public Communication poster about Knowle relocation….No, NOT the big one on the left. Kneel down to read the small notice on the right, bottom row.

3 Responses to “Not-so-public consultation last time round…”

  1. sidmouthsid October 31, 2012 at 11:04 pm #

    Now there’s a NEW public consultation, as we’re sure everyone knows! The DEADLINE is 16TH NOVEMBER at midday,so you now have just two weeks to tell the Council what you think of their NEW REVISED OUTLINE PLANS for KNOWLE. See ,Knowle Watch, and Recent Posts,for details of what is planned, and who to write to or e-mail.

    The 78 responses which EDDC had to their original Public Consultation cannot be put down to public apathy. The notice board photographed outside EDDC reception at Knowle HQ, during the consultation period, tells its own story. As does the fact that SOS easily found over 1500 people who sent in objections to EDDC, and over 4,000 willing signatories to the petition handed in to Secretary of State, Eric Pickles. An analysis of the objections, and more about the petition, can be found on

  2. sidmouthsid October 31, 2012 at 11:36 pm #

    More reflections on EDDC’s method of Public Consultation, and on those 78 responses, were sent in to SIN by Peter Whitfield of Sidmouth.
    He points out that the Planning Support Statement, prepared for EDDC by Bell Cornwell, Chartered Town Planners, states that (ref P1 1.2) there was ‘an exhibition providing an opportunity for local community comments between 10 – 17 July…..
    In Mr Whitfield’s view, “This implies a continuous opportunity spread over an 8 day period and there is no indication in this document of the quantity or quality of those community comments. For these we have to turn to the Statement of Community Involvemement, FAQs 12, where we discover that this was in fact just three sessions on 10 July (2hrs), 14 July (4hrs) and 17 July (2hrs). The exhibition was a single three-leaf display panel around which at most two people at a time could study it. These sessions are described as “Well attended public communication events” and “We believe that 100 people were spoken to and responses from 78 people have been received.” There is no summary of the tone of these responses but detailed reading of Appendix 2 reveals that over 95% were hostile to the proposals and many of the remainder said simply that there was not enough information provided about the need for the redevelopment to make an informed judgement.

    Democracy in action?


  1. Knowle Public consultations, EDDC-style | East Devon Watch - March 13, 2015

    […] An early example of EDDC’s valiant effort to engage the public was flagged up on the SIN blog […]

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