Attentive witnesses for Knowle Decision Meeting, next Tuesday afternoon.

28 Nov

A Local correspondent writes:

‘Have you heard the latest absurdity?

An alert member of  SOS found an egregious error in the Planning Officer Report on the Knowle Outline Planning Application (OPA)  published on Friday.

After we drew it to their attention, the inaccurate evidence has now been corrected. But the Officer’s argument and conclusions have not changed.
Does this not reveal serious prejudice – or pre-conceived ideas?
Back story: On November 7th after a long and heated debate on the amended OPA, Sidmouth Town Council Planning Committee made a courageous and principled stand advising against outline planning consent for ANY change of use, except on the long-established brownfield site. The Chair of the Planning Committee had done some research showing that the garden shed area west of the building had previously been given specifically temporary permission only and had been erroneously described as a brownfield site. Councillors were also irritated by EDDC’s amended application which sought a change of use for yet more of our Knowle parkland.
Dozens of citizens present at the meeting recognised this as a profoundly significant shift in position. But the Planning Officer ignored the Town Council’s objections and went back to an earlier interim decision that had agreed to limited development on the greenfield zones.  This was used to justify a recommendation to agree a change of use across great swathes of parkland.
The report will be considered by EDDC DMC at 2 pm on 4th December at Knowle. Meeting open to the public. Given the history of mistakes in the recording of debates, SOS intend to be attentive witnesses.’

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