Rainy season(s)

1 Dec

Reports and pictures in today’s Sidmouth Herald show the disruptive and miserable effect of floods, on roads, but especially on homes. Perhaps we’d expect that in autumn, and winter, but here’s a report sent in to the SOS website on 21st June this year:

There was a river running down Woolbrook Rd as the drain covers were lifted by the excessive rain. The road was closed by the police and traffic diverted. Apparently this is the third time this year this has happened.

If global warming is going to lead to more extreme weather events, such as heavy bursts of intense rain, its a strong argument for not concreting over any more of Sidmouth!

And this photo, was taken by a  Sidford resident, uncomfortably near her house, on 7th July.B The role of surface water is still a little understood science….

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