Some history of the Knowle: 1. ‘Old Monty’

18 Dec


Knowle trees 2012

The Knowle parkland has the thickest Monterey Pine in the whole of the UK. In 2009, it’s vital statistics were: height 120 ft. girth 20ft 4 ins (source: . The same source gives this description:

Monterey Pine, although now rare in its native California, is one of the world’s most valuable pines and is the most widely commercially planted one especially in New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Spain and South Africa. This is due to its rapid growth (up to six feet per year) and adaptability to poor soils.

Monterey pine is also used extensively in landscaping as a windbreak to prevent erosion, and to quickly provide variety and contrast with its attractive foliage. In their native habitat along the Pacific coast, Monterey pines are famous for their wind-swept, picturesque shape. On very hot days the pine cones can burst open emitting a loud snapping sound.

The old & wrinkly gnarled tree situated in this Sidmouth park has its place in record books as having the biggest diameter of its kind in the UK. Some of the large branches are now so heavy that cables have been attached to prevent them from breaking.

One Response to “Some history of the Knowle: 1. ‘Old Monty’”

  1. Mike Temple aka John Betjeman above December 18, 2012 at 10:27 pm #

    And did you know that EDDC’s proposed Zone E starts just 2 metres from its southermost branch?

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