Which of our councillors possess courage and spherical appendages?

18 Dec

It seems that now is the time for many of our councillors to show us exactly why they believe we elected them.

Did we simply vote for the party we have always voted for content to leave it and them to run our lives as they deem fit.  Or did we elect them to represent us, the silent or not-so-silent or very vocal majorities?  After all, all these groups at present seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet.  And it isn’t a party one.

At town and parish level it is often said that party politics has no place.  However, probably given the large amounts of money under the control of councils, it is deemed appropriate for party politics to take precedence at district and county level, sometimes, indeed these days often, even if it flies in the face of common sense or honour.

What does a district councillor do then in these circumstances, where his or her conscience says one thing and the party whip says another?  Accept the party whip and say nothing?  Accept the party whip but give the appearance of independent thought whilst all the time behind the scenes doing as he or she is told?  Or, do the decent and honourable thing and say:  No, this is a step too far even for my party and I cannot in all conscience support what is being done in the name of this party. so on thi particular s issue I will defy it?  Or even, perhaps, say -” you know what, stuff it, I am here for the people of my town or village and I will be independent of you sorry and shabby lot, thank you for nothing and goodbye”.

To do anything but the first two options requires courage, a sense of honour and spherical appendages – which of our councillors possess these attributes?

One Response to “Which of our councillors possess courage and spherical appendages?”

  1. Alan W December 18, 2012 at 1:19 pm #

    I’m not sure which Councillor to refer to but the only spherical appendages that I have come across are zeros in the wrong place when the planners at EDDC do their arithmetic.

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