Letter in Sidmouth Herald – why it is not necessary to build at the Knowle

21 Dec

There is a very long letter in today’s Sidmouth Herald from a Mr Gavin Cook of Sidbury.  Basically, he makes the point that homes have to go somewhere, so why not the Knowle.

Good point.  The reason why not the Knowle is because there are now so many houses being built and soon to be built in East Devon (thanks to EDDC having failed to prove that it has a five year land supply and the recent planning appeal in Ottery St Mary) that there will be absolutely no need to build on the Knowle at all.  It is already happening in Ottery St Mary, Seaton, Axminster and Feniton – hundreds upon hundreds of houses never planned for.

Watch:  within the next 6-9 months you will see a stampede of planning applications which will be agreed on the back of our having no 5 year land supply and, possibly, then an even greater stampede if our current draft Local Plan is found to be unsound – particularly on the amount of employment land put forward by EDDC.  It will be in built-up areas, outside local boundaries, on green wedges, on flood plains, on high-grade agricultural land – you name it, it will be concreted over.  With GP’s surgeries unable to take more patients, schools unable to take more pupils and roads unable to take more cars and heavy goods vehicles.  In the meantime, flood problems will go unsolved, the new residents will have no access to community facilities and big supermarkets will jump in to fill in the new need for more consumer products.

We will be building housing not just for East Devon and Devon but for all those metropolitan cities which are not building enough houses for their own citizens.

And as for some of these houses being “affordable” – well, let’s just say that EDDC’s affordable may well turn out to be everyone else’s unaffordable.

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