More Sidford flood pictures

15 Jan

..taken by another irate  resident.  How much did floods cost the Council last year? Will the costs rise if a large business park is built on Sidford Fields floodplain?

Comment and photos below are taken from Steve Woszniak’s website, with his permission. He writes:

Substantial quantities of mud were deposited on a few roads where fast flowing water suddenly spread out over a large area.

On the Sunday, the day after the floods, East Devon District Council sent up to four cleaning vehicles to affected roads. These included this large suction tanker fitted with high pressure water jet equipment.

The entire road was power brushed, washed and vacuumed.

It was the first warm and sunny day for what seemed like months.”

151_5108crop.jpg (234146 bytes)
150_5070crop.jpg (212199 bytes)

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