Flood alerts at Sidford

29 Jan

How often do they happen? How would they be affected by the planned new business park… and vice-versa? (Remember our  pics on 4th and 15th  Jan SIN posts?)

Someone who lives nearby has signed up with The Environment Agency and started a pie chart (coming shortly) from the data on their website, e.g.

  • Previous statuses:
    • Warning no longer in force 10:13 on 28 Jan 2013
    • Flood Alert 14:41 on 25 Jan 2013
    • No warning 11:10 on 25 Jan 2013
    • Warning no longer in force 10:11 on 24 Jan 2013
    • Flood Alert 16:17 on 22 Jan 2013
The chart  shows days between flood alerts/warnings and duration (see tabs) from 21st November 2012 to the present date. It will be kept updated, and SIN will keep you posted. Here’s the link

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