To the victor, the spoils

31 Jan

HERE is the sorry tale of EDDC’s five year land supply as told by the barrister for one of the developers who successfully argued the case for their client’s development in Ottery St Mary.

A few quotes from the article:

The Inspector found the rates predicted by the Council in relation to the Cranbrook new development to be exaggerated …..

The Inspector further found the Appellant’s windfall figure to be more soundly based than the Council’s considerably higher figure …..

The Inspector agreed, stating that, “it is by no means certain that the Plan would be adopted in its current form or that the emerging strategy will be found sound… …..

….. the figure for proposed non-strategic small site allocations was also found to be very much lower than that predicted by the Council. …..

and THIS is just one of the consequences of EDDC’s inabillity to do its numbers properly.

Doesn’t auger well for Knowle figures does it!

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