5 year land supply (2)

31 Jan

We can find absolutely no mention online on the EDDC website of who sat on the 5 year land supply TAFF (see two postings below) nor any minutes of when it met, what evidence it took or who it interviewed, except for the final report referred to below, save for a brief reference to it in the Overview and Scrutiny Committee minutes of  1 July 2009 HERE  where it says the following:.

Councillor Phillip Skinner will brief the Members on the work undertaken by the TaFF on the review of the sites that make up the Council’s five year land supply for housing, and the recommendations as a result.  The TaFF was commissioned by the Scrutiny Committee at their meeting on 21 January 2009.

He did indeed brief members with the TAFF report highlighted in the postings below.  Shame that Councillor Skinner didn’t seem to follow up on the recommendations his TAFF made as it might have put us in a much different position now to the dreadful one we find ourselves in.

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