5 year land supply: problems known about in 2009

31 Jan

Interesting that the potential problems with the 5 year land supply were all highlighted HERE in July 2009 in the report of a Task and Finish Forum on 5 year land supply and that everything negative that was predicted in this document has come to pass.  Here are a few extracts, which need to be read with the post immediately below this one, which was written some four years later.

1. Our assessment of our District wide figures shows that we have only just over five years availability. An Inspector at a planning application appeal could take the view that this is close enough to the five year threshold to side with an applicant/dismiss our arguments.
2. The District wide five year figure is based on our assessment and assumptions we have made. A developer might challenge these and come to a different conclusion (i.e. that land supply falls under five years) and persuade an Inspector that his/her evaluation is the more accurate.
3. Circumstances change and assessment/s done at the present time (and initially in 2008) can and will be out of date in the future.

4.  In the past we had intentionally split the District in to two, 1. the West End and 2. the Rest of East Devon. ….. It is now considered, however, that it is more appropriate to have a single 5 year housing figure for ACROSS THE WHOLE DISTRICT. This will give the Council the ability to deliver housing outside the West End which will encompass not only the Towns but villages too.

Gobsmacked, only word for it, gobsmacked.

One Response to “5 year land supply: problems known about in 2009”

  1. Medusa January 31, 2013 at 11:11 am #

    In the words of the famous Victor Meldrew: “I don’t believe it”. Just how much more is going to come out of the woodwork I wonder. Good on yer Sidmouth Independent News.

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