Exmouth Splash: a rethink

27 Feb

First, the “good news”: according to THIS press release from EDDC, councillors are to rethink the design of the Exmouth Splash development in response to public consultation.  The changes they are looking at are:

•The Watersports hub would move to the far eastern edge of the site in response to water users’ comments on beach safety and size of site for required storage.

•The public open space area would now be in the centre front of the site (where the watersports hub was originally proposed) giving a more natural and open feeling to the area on arriving from the west.  Rather than have a fenced pay-to-enter area, attractions such as mini-golf would be included within public open-space.  This would be similar to arrangements on regenerated seafronts in other towns such as Teignmouth.

•Car-parking would amount to at least 280 spaces but remain as surface car parking only.  This would be nearly 80 more than the number there now.  Additional spaces specifically for the hotel/holiday accommodation could increase this by approximately another 50.

•There will be a further investigation of market demand for a hotel or other type of holiday accommodation at the north western part of the site.

And the bad news?  Well, surely if such basic mistakes were made in the original design, how come the public had to spot them and not the councillors and officers who worked on the original plans?

Shows just how essential public consultation is, even if we are always being told that “EDDC knows best”.

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