We presume the Chief Executive has checked the legal position for tomorrow …..

28 Feb

Full story HERE

.….  The decision is fraught with controversy and at last night’s full council meeting, there was doubt cast on whether the development management committee would even be quorate, as Cabinet councillors and those who have attended relocation working group meetings, are advised that they could have compromised their impartiality and should not take part in the debate or vote. …..

We can only assume that the Chief Executive has checked his edition of Cross on Local Goverrnment Law (see earlier posts on 20 February 2013): “An interesting exchange of correspondence …..”)  ) and assured himself and the Leader of the legality  of tommorow’s meeting.  Though we will probably never know what page he found his evidence on …. anyone who wants their own copy (it is becoming increasingly necessary as a source reference) can buy it for £485.00 HERE.

The book is advertised with the following updating, some of which should make Sidmothians, Fenitonians, Ottregians, Seatonians and Exmothians (but possibly not Honitonians) VERY unhappy:

“Forthcoming releases in 2012 will cover a range of recent Acts, including the Education Act 2011, the Localism Act 2011 and the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011, and further delegated legislation. The Localism Act 2011 makes major changes, including:

  • Giving councils a general power of competence
  • Allowing councils to choose to return to the committee system of governance and allowing for referendums for elected mayors in certain authorities
  • Abolishing the Standards Board regime and the model code of conduct, and introducing local accountability and a criminal offence of deliberate
  • Failure to declare a personal interest in a matter
  • Giving residents the power to instigate local referendums on any local issue and the power to veto excessive council tax increases
  • Allowing councils more discretion over business rate relief
  • Providing new powers to help save local facilities and services threatened with closure, and giving voluntary and community groups the right to challenge local authorities over their services
  • Changes to planning and housing law.”


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