“Indolence and incompetence” at EDDC

27 Mar


So says  Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw, in an article from the Exeter Daily, 26 March. Here’s an extract :

‘The recent resignation of a leading Conservative councillor in East Devon after he was filmed promising planning consent in return for cash has helped to highlight the huge threat facing Exeter from a combination of the Government’s new planning policies and the incompetence of the local authorities that surround us.

Exeter already faces significant new housing on the edge of the city in East Devon and Teignbridge council areas. Under the Government’s new policies local councils are supposed to have a development plan in place by the end of this month spelling out where they propose to site new housing. If they don’t, they will have no power to stop planning consent. Unlike Exeter, neither East Devon or Teignbridge have their plans in place. That means that through no fault of our own Exeter could face a planning free-for-all on our borders with huge and inappropriate housing developments because of the indolence and incompetence of the surrounding councils. This would be an outrage and something I and the city council will fight tooth and nail.’

2 Responses to ““Indolence and incompetence” at EDDC”

  1. East Devon Neighbourhood Detective March 27, 2013 at 11:17 am #

    Dear Mr Bradshaw – You are aiming at the wrong target. Back in 1972 the full extent of Poulson’s web of corruption emerged and he brought many senior public figures down with him. This is what happens when you have a rotten apple in a case – it defiles the lot. However in EDDC it is not the council as such that is incompetent. The integrity and capability of the council’s officers is not in doubt and the majority of councillors act with the utmost integrity. For everyone’s sake we have to uncover the truth in this whole fiasco. You can “fight tooth and nail” on our behalf as follows:
    1. A formal request coming from you to The Police and Crime Commissioner should carry more weight. He should confirm that he will oversee a proper and thorough investigation of the possible wrongdoing in public office as exposed in The Daily Telegraph. Requests to him by residents have so far failed to elicit a response and EDDC merely indicates the police are “looking into it,” whatever that means.
    2. Use every means at your disposal to get Eric Pickles and Nick Boles off the backs of councils. Localism is just a smoke screen for central control and overriding the wishes of council tax payers. Even traditional conservative voters are forming the view that the conservative party hates the ordinary person. Planning has become an ugly developers’ free for all that will produce hardly any affordable housing. Nowhere is safe, not even AONB’s and certainly not your Exeter constituency as you identify in your article. You need look no further than where the conservative party obtains funding at national and local level to see what is driving this and Osborne’s plan to squander taxpayer’s money on a second home ownership scheme for the wealthy. Few affordable homes will come from his cynical political manoeuvres. Do you have the powers to call for urgent debate on these issues, say in a select committee. Margaret Hodge with her forensic, non-political lines of enquiry could be your best weapon.

    You were convincing in your counter-arguments on Sunday Politics and would undoubtedly have widespread support with any initiative to stop this madness before our towns and countryside are blighted for ever.

    • hibou March 27, 2013 at 5:28 pm #

      You say –
      “The integrity and capability of the council’s officers is not in doubt”
      I disagree.
      The officer who recommended that The Knowle proposals be passed even though they were against 4 of the council’s own policies is of either doubtful capability or doubtful integrity or both.
      The council officers who participated in EDBF are likewise tainted by that association. Almost certainly, so are those who appointed them, and with whom the buck stops.

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