Planning advice

28 Mar

SIN readers may be interested in comments at this link:

One Response to “Planning advice”

  1. Not A Developer March 29, 2013 at 8:51 am #

    What an interesting perspective and it raises issues I had not thought about: why would anyone go to a man with no qualifications (that we know of) rather than to professionals? And why would big-shot developers, all of whom retain planning hot-shot planning people at the top of their game, want to deal with a man with no qualifications? What has he got that makes his services essential?

    If, as he says, he was doing small level stuff: what level? Many people put really low level stuff in without any help. At the next level of difficulty they might employ an architectural technician, then an architect and/or chartered surveyor and then the “big boys”. At no point would any of these people need an unqualified extra person chipping into their fees.

    It is all so easily sorted. The police get a forensic acccountant to audit Mr Brown’s books – that’s what they are for. Then they can either give Mr Brown and ALL his companies a clean bill of health or not. They can flag up any questionable transactions or say all of them are legitimate.

    If I were Mr Brown and innocent, I would be pressing for this to clear my name.

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