Freedom of Information request

30 Mar

Thank you to the East Devon Alliance member who sent in these thoughts, after reading the 28 March SIN post , Planning Advice.

In the light of the following comment in Martin Goodall’s blog “Is the planning system corrupt”:

There certainly needs to be some tightening up of the system so far as the conduct of councillors and local government officers is concerned. It is easier to deal with the case of local government officers than that of councillors. Officers’ terms of employment should already preclude any ‘moonlighting’, and if they do not do so, the nationally settled standard terms of employment should be amended to ensure that officers cannot engage in any other paid work, or act in any other capacity, whether paid or unpaid, which could involve them in doing anything that might give rise to a conflict of interest. Breach of such a condition of employment should be regarded as gross misconduct leading to summary dismissal.

The recent FOI submitted by Mike Paddison would seem timely. interest

One Response to “Freedom of Information request”

  1. Medusa March 31, 2013 at 11:56 am #

    And what is happening to Economic Development Manager Nigel Harrison now that 90% of his job seems to have disappeared?

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