Axminster Town Council refuses to be recorded

24 Apr

View from newspapers publish an account of an Axminster Town Council meeting where a councillor (Paul Hayward) suggested that meetings should be recorded and offered to purchase the recording equipment himself and do all the trials.  However, the offer was refused by a 5-4 vote.

Which makes us wonder what is happening to the decision to record EDDC meetings.  Councillor Ian Thomas put a lot of effort into proving that a small outlay (very, very small in the tens of pounds) would mean that council meetings could be recorded and posted to the internet.  Councillors were reluctant to give it the go ahead until the next annual council meeting, which is now due in May 2013.

Let us hope that what was agreed goes ahead.  If not, we have to find people with an eidetic memory  (being able to perfectly recall images, sounds or objects – thanks Big Bang Theory ) for future council meetings!  Or lean on Eric Pickles who has said time and time again that it is our right to have recorded meetings and to be able to blog and tweet about them but who has not codified his advice into law (yet).


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