Who’s signed EDA Charter?

28 Apr

The fifty-two Devon County Council candidates have been invited to sign this:  Charter of the East Devon Alliance

Here is the list of signatories, from all parties, to date:

Paul    Hayward                 Independent                    Axminster
Sylvia    Brownlee             UKIP                                       Broadclyst & Whimple
Henry    Gent                      Green Party                          Broadclyst & Whimple
Roger    Saunders             Green Party                          Budleigh
Oliver    Davey                   Green Party                         Exmouth Brixington & Withycombe

John    Hone                        UKIP                                      Exmouth Brixington & Withycombe
Tim    Dumper                    Liberal Democrat              Exmouth Halsdon & Woodbury
Bernard    Hughes             Conservative                      Exmouth Halsdon & Woodbury
Ray    Davison                    Labour                                   Exmouth Littleham & Town
Ben    Jones                         Green Party                         Exmouth Littleham & Town
Ann    Prior                          UKIP                                      Exmouth Littleham & Town

Jonathan  Underwood    Liberal Democrat              Honiton St Michael’s

Sharon Pavey                      Green Party                         Honiton St. Michael’s
Cathy    Gardner                 Independent                   Honiton St Paul’s
Paul    Newman                  Liberal Democrat               Honiton St Paul’s
Martin    Paine                     Green Party                         Honiton St Paul’s

Andrew Blackwell              Labour                                   Ottery St Mary Rural
John    Kelly                         UKIP                                       Ottery St Mary Rural
Claire    Wright                    Independent                   Ottery St Mary Rural
Jim    Knight                         Conservative                       Seaton Coastal

Judy Blackwell                    Labour                                   Sidmouth Sidford
Lawrie    Brownlee             UKIP                                       Sidmouth Sidford
Stuart    Hughes                  Conservative                       Sidmouth Sidford

Susie    Bond                         Independent                   Feniton & Buckerell

List correct at time of publication            24

3 Responses to “Who’s signed EDA Charter?”

  1. Paul Hayward April 29, 2013 at 6:43 am #

    Hello SIN. Could you amend my entry to read PAUL HAYWARD, and just for the sake of accuracy, isn’t Paul Newman standing as a Libdem in HSM? sorry to be a pedant but little errors are usually used against concerned parties somewhere down the line… Best wishes to all candidates of all political hankerings. if you win, please do the right thing for your town, your community, your county. Mark 8:36

    • sidmouthsid April 29, 2013 at 2:31 pm #

      Thanks for pointing out these slips, Paul. Now amended, with especial apologies to yourself!

  2. Mecusa April 29, 2013 at 11:17 am #

    Wonder what your commentator trolls will make of the fact that candidates of ALL parties have signed!

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