The right tools for the job. Does your Parish Council have them?

30 Apr

Thank you to the councillor (not from Newton Poppleford), who sent this ‘toolkit’  link to to SIN. Part Five deals with such matters as Code of Conduct, Complaints and Investigations, and Conflicts of Interest:


4 Responses to “The right tools for the job. Does your Parish Council have them?”

  1. Fight for balanced views April 30, 2013 at 10:02 pm #

    Good to see that the high level of journalism is being maintained. This document is years out of date. Interests are now covered by the Localism act.

    • sidmouthsid May 2, 2013 at 3:18 pm #

      The councillor who provided the link has telephoned the press officer at ACSES ( Association for Council Secretaries and Solicitors ) in Horsham and been assured that the current documents on their website are perfectly valid and updated.

      Very recent topics on the POPULAR DISCUSSIONS pages (password protected for ACSES members only ), include:
      30 April 2013 Other pecuniary interests
      12 April 2013 Disqualifications for election and holding office as member of local authority

      So what is ACSES? It’s an organisation for those responsible for managing legal and administrative functions in principal local authorities in England and Wales.More precisely, membership is open to local government officers heading up governance, legal services, democratic services, administrative, scrutiny and standards functions, including monitoring officers and their deputies.

      • Fight for a balanced view May 2, 2013 at 10:28 pm #

        A cursory search on the EDDC website using “Parish council tool kit” brings up the April 2009 edition. Making the one you are linking to 3 years out of date. Even this is out of date when covering the subject “conflicts of interest which is now covered under the Localism Act 2011. See chapter 7 Standards. If the councillor who provided the link is a current one they need to bring themselves up to speed.

  2. sidmouthsid May 3, 2013 at 6:26 pm #

    Quite right, the SIN post inadvertently had an out-of date link, which has been updated now. Suggest anyone wanting to check your last point should contact ACSeS directly. Address is Afon Building Worthing Road Horsham West Sussex RH12 1TL. Phone: 01403 788249

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