Another imminent planning application for Newton Poppleford, on a brownfield site

13 May

One alternative site to the controversial one at King Alfred Way, for new residential housing, could be in Newton Poppleford’s High Street. The applicant, Walsingham Planning, notified EDDC Planning Department on 11th April 2013, that its application for around 15 dwellings on the present site of Waterleat House and neighbouring Milestone will be submitted very shortly. It points out that:

  • The site lies within the settlement boundary, in a sustainable location
  • It is brownfield rather than green field land
  • The dwellings would help meet the shortfall of housing including affordable

This information might be helpful to the Parish Council due to vote this evening on the large-scale development (Application Ref: 13/0316/MOUT) , which many local people see as excessive, and not meeting the village’s needs. For example, the King Alfred Way proposal includes a third Hall, which will have to be maintained. But a new school hall is already planned for 2015, which would be the heart of the village community. A smaller Village Hall is currently well-used.  Also, a planned surgery servicing Colaton Raleigh and  Aylesbeare, would inevitably bring more traffic-related  to the village (see Kamikaze pedestrians, SINPost 12 may)


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