So, on we go again …..

3 Jun

It is interesting that at the top of the home page of East Devon District Council’s web site there  a photograph of The Knowle with the words “Moving and Improving” (it alternates with a video of Cranbrook at the moment) and a prominent link that says “East Devon proposes to move its main offices”.  The text that goes with that link is reproduced below, dated 23 May 2013:

East Devon District Council is considering options for addressing the rising cost and other issues raised by its ageing Knowle headquarters, which may include relocating to purpose-built offices somewhere else.  We are taking some time to consider our next steps following the refusal of outline planning permission for redeveloping parts of Knowle.  

With around £1M in urgent or essential repairs needed at Knowle, high ongoing running and maintenance costs and an ageing office which is not really suitable for running a modern business, we are clear that something must change.  We’re committed to making sure that a relocation would be ‘cost-neutral’, meaning the cost of building somewhere new would be offset and completed at no cost to the Council Tax payer.

As part of the project we are reviewing our presence in Exmouth and other towns and there may be an opportunity to improve the service we give to residents.  The possible relocation is being guided by leading councillors with support from council officers.  Any decision on relocating would be made by Full Council at a public meeting. The emphasis now is on assessing our options and looking at costs so that councillors can make an informed decision when the time comes.

By late June 2013 we will be providing more details about upcoming milestones, including likely dates for any meetings or decisions about the project.

Outline Planning Application

The Outline Planning Application for the Knowle site was refused by the Development Management Committee in March 2013.  The application included a number of reports and studies which can be viewed by following this link:

Page last updated on 23 May 2013

So, on we go again …..  Love the “leading councillors” phrase.  There is obviously a league table for councillors at EDDC and only the Premier League gets to do the important stuff, but we knew that anyway!


2 Responses to “So, on we go again …..”

  1. Tim June 3, 2013 at 12:49 pm #

    Despite the public mood on this, and the refused outline planning permission, it seems that a few at EDDC are hell bent on moving out of Knowle, so much so that in the information pack for the shortly to be vacated post of Communications and Publicity Manager, they write “Relocation
    It is intended that the Council will relocate its offices in the future and East Devon District
    Council is developing a Green Travel Plan to assist with this relocation but please note that if
    you are recruited after 1 March 2012 you will not be eligible for mileage compensation in
    respect of this relocation “

  2. mikemastersid June 5, 2013 at 11:45 pm #

    Nice phrase “… ageing office which is not really suitable for running a modern business”. They should try less to run a business and more to be a good provider of public services.

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