Green wedge between Seaton and Colyford, to disappear?

4 Jun

Not if local people’s voices are heard, as is made clear in this link sent to SIN:    Seaton Green Wedge Press Release



3 Responses to “Green wedge between Seaton and Colyford, to disappear?”

  1. Sandra Semple June 5, 2013 at 11:19 am #

    I have, of course, been following this planning application. EDDC must now show where its allegiance lies: does it REALLY value the Axe Wetlands as much as it says or does it want totally inappropriate development? There are many reasons why this application can and should be refused – not least the effect on the bat colony at Beer Caves and other treasured wildlife on the Axe Estuary and the overprovision of development land currently unused in Seaton.

    As the protest letter makes clear we already have a surfeit of agreed developments in Seaton – the fact that the developers have not started them is worrying, particularly the Tesco desert, which would be much more suited to such a mixed development. And Seaton is the only place in the area where it seems that a Premier Inn or other budget hotel chain would be welcome, yet they choose not to build here – strange that, given that the wetlands is meant to be such a draw and with the Devon Wildlife Trust now developing a visitor centre a couple of hundred yards away from the Tesco site.

    However EDDC sowed the seeds of this disaster some years ago, allowing the employment land area to be extended into the green wedge in the Local Plan without any consultation of local people about the change. But then there were a lot of strange things going on in EDDC at that time (and now).

  2. Marker June 6, 2013 at 4:33 pm #

    The Axe Wetlands are iconic. Stop the development.

  3. Paul June 6, 2013 at 5:13 pm #

    In May 2011 the East Devon Conservatives distributed a full colour election A3 leaflet to every house in the Coly ward. I have it in front of me now.

    Graham Godbeer and Helen Parr announced in bold ink (in a section called “If elected Helen and Graham will):) that they would:

    “Keep the Green Wedge betwen Colyton/Colyford & Seaton and oppose inappropriate development”

    On that basis, many hundreds of people voted for them …

    The next election is in under two years time.

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