“Beware of Greeks offering gifts”

5 Jun

..so warned Dr John Withrington,one of two guest speakers at tonight’s very well organised meeting at Talaton parish hall.  The topic was, broadly,  ‘Development:What is enough?’

Right from the start, the organisers (Talaton Residents Association Group (TRAG) ) made it clear that they want to work with the Parish Council, from whom they sought “support, vision and leadership”. They see themselves as a focus for communication and lobbying in the face of overdevelopment plans. They are in favour of evolution within the village,  without the need for an unsustainable scale of building.

Local resident, Mark Saunders, emphasised the tight schedule for reacting to Planning Applications, with a time frame of only 21 days for registering objections. To react, it was therefore essential to be informed in advance, he said. At present, 80% of applications don’t go to full committee for decisions, reflecting the low number of  submitted objections.

Dr Margaret Hall, Secretary of the East Devon branch of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE), then summarised  the present situation with the  Local Plan, and of the impact of the National Planning Policy (NPPF).  Details of Dr Hall’s comments, and of the rest of the meeting, will be reported on SIN tomorrow.







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