A303 to be dualled through the Blackdown Hills? Surely not!

27 Jun

Story HERE

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said:

Any Honourable Member, from the Prime Minister down, who lives in Cornwall, or has driven there for their holidays will want to see a better A303.”
The technical document, published to coincide with the speech, says: “Government will tackle some of the most notorious and long-standing road hot spots in the country. 
“Roads which are widely recognised as being in a need of a solution to alleviate  congestion and tackle enduring problems that have been avoided by successive governments. “The Government will identify and fund solutions, initially through feasibility studies, to look at  problems and identify potential schemes on the A303 to the south west …..”.

Original plans were tabled that ensured that the road would not pass through the Blackdown Hills and that a fairly long detour around them was favoured.  However, everything is now up for grabs again.

And our council which puts economic development above everything else in every other part of the district will no doubt be happy to see a dual carriageway road through the Blackdown Hills if this is what is decided – won’t it!

Economic development above all, including boring green fields and AONBs…. says Mr Boles.

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