Car parking charges: 30% of EDDC’s income

4 Jul

Story HERE.

In the article, Councillor Godbeer says:  well, you suggest income streams for lost car parking charges as we rely on this income for 30% of our running costs.

We can think of one possible  income generator: make EDDC employees pay to park at the Knowle and charge employees and others who use other council-owned offices (such as Honiton Business Centre) a parking fee as an extra if they use their cars to get to and from work or meetings when a suitable public transport alternative is available.

Perhaps an audit of staff would help too.  Do we remember something about cost-sharing and staff-sharing with other councils?  What came of that apart from sharing our Chief Executive with South Somerset and sharing IT with Plymouth and Teignbridge? How about sharing other functions too or sharing more very expensive senior managers?   If we can get by on half a Chief Executive, maybe we can manage with half of other senior executives too.

Then use the money raised to subsidise free one-hour parking in the local towns or reduced cost parking.

Oh, and of course, we have saved more than £5,000 a year by not subsidising EDBF!  That should pay for free Christmas parking in our towns!

Can you think of any more money raisers for the council?


One Response to “Car parking charges: 30% of EDDC’s income”

  1. Tim Todd July 4, 2013 at 6:02 pm #

    Close the toilets at The Knowle and see how they like it.

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