Agenda for EDDC Cabinet meeting which will discuss the future of The Knowle

10 Jul


!nteresting that the full URL of the link above is:

Public version!

Page 19 of agenda papers shows that the Knowle will be debated on 17 July 2013 (this agenda) and will be decided on 25 July 2013.  Now isn’t that strange – the “stakeholders meeting” regarding the Knowle is not until 26 July 2013!!!

As well as The Knowle being discussed there is also an item on the flooding problem in Feniton and the cost of dualling the A303 and a paper about a difference of opinion on whether Broadclyst can go forward with a Neighbourhood Plan (EDDC says no: it must be a reduced area so as not to interfere with the growth of Cranbrook).  Interestingly, on this one, two completely different companies write almost exactly the same response agreeing with EDDC!

Discussion of options for The Knowle start on page 40.  Another £95,000 is being requested to take the relocation project forward.  The cost model for refurbishment of Knowle starts on page 55.  The “Project Viability” report starts on page 79.  Financial viability information starts on page 97.   Page 106 shows the completion of a potential timetable that shows EDDC moved to new offices by 11 July 2016.  Funding options start on page 107.   Risks identified starts on page 109.  Recommendations start on page 112.  “Affordability” starts on page 114.



One Response to “Agenda for EDDC Cabinet meeting which will discuss the future of The Knowle”

  1. Tim Todd July 10, 2013 at 10:24 am #

    I notice, under Agenda item 12, EDDC Office Accommodation – Other Considerations (p 51) they write at 3.3 “Customer Contact – Few of our residents or businesses visit our HQ building. The vast majority of our customers prefer to deal with the Council by telephone. Online contact is increasing and part of our commitment will be to respond to the increasing number on internet users by putting more of our processes online.”

    Clearly they do not like the idea of the public attending meetings to see what goes on as they do not think it worthy of raising as a consideration!

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