Exmouth “consultation” on money from sale of Elizabeth Hall, Exmouth to Premier Inns

10 Jul

EDDC is considering using money from the sale of Elizabeth Hall for two regeneration projects:  Mamhead slipwayand the Queen’s Drive leisure area.

But no mention in the press release of consulting the people of Exmouth about whether they think this is a good use of the money.  And what happened to private investment – the mantra we constantly hear about?

One Response to “Exmouth “consultation” on money from sale of Elizabeth Hall, Exmouth to Premier Inns”

  1. Not a developer July 10, 2013 at 1:30 pm #

    Well, they ignored Exmouth residents when they granted planning permission to Premier Inns so why should they consult them on how to spend the money!

    Remember EDDC sold this site to Premier Inns. They didn’t have to and they didn’t need to: a Premier Inn could have gone on several sites in Exmouth and the money received from them would have been at least the same as that given for Elizabeth Hall. We could have had “regeneration projects” AND Elizabeth Hall AND a Premier Inn.

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