We want one … but only Cranbrook gets one

12 Jul

New job being advertised by EDDC:

Cranbrook:  Community Project Officer

Salary: £33,661 – £37,206 per annum (full-time)

What the blurb says:

This is a unique and exciting opportunity to lead, develop and deliver key community assets for Cranbrook, a bold new self-sufficient, low carbon new community. You’ll identify and monitor the investment plans of public service providers, engaging with stakeholders to negotiate outcomes that’ll solve the current and future needs of residents, voluntary groups and businesses at Cranbrook. By actively encouraging and managing collaboration between public, commercial and community partners, you’ll help us to provide timely public services. 

Oooh – and he reports to Economic Development Manager, Nigel Harrison!

Can we all have one please?  Then we could all be self-sufficient, low carbon communities – which might make costs so low at Knowle no-one would WANT to relocate!

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