Sainsbury’s “mega shed” near Exeter Airport and ducks failing to line up

16 Jul

That’s what the logistics industry website Logistic Manager.Com calls the now mothballed Sainsbury’s depot which was to have been sited by the M5 near Exeter Airport but which Sainsbury’s has decided is now surplus to requirements.

Now, if any of us (particularly councillors) had called it a mega shed we would have been criticised but this is the industry itself describing it!

For the Green Party response to the news see HERE, where their spokesperson, Henry Gent says:

 “East Devon dug themselves into a hole back in 2011, when they changed the purpose of the site from a railhead depot to a lorry depot, whilst pretending that the railway siding plan was actually advancing.  That hole now looks deeper.  Back in 2011 Andrew Moulding, conservative councillor, claimed that the Sainsburys planning permission was part of ‘lining up all the ducks’ to build a railway siding.  Now, three years later, it is more and more apparent that unless there is a change of attitude on the council, the railway siding is going to be a dead duck.”



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