Keep Cool and Carry On.

23 Jul

The following  advice  comes today from the  EDDC website, only slightly edited by SIN 

Tuesday 23 July

THE heat wave may have eased for the moment but with more hot air forecast at Knowle (Full Council on 24th July), EDDC’s mobile Support Officers are making sure that residents can enjoy the warm sunny conditions without overheating.

They are continuing to give residents advice on how to keep healthy and cool, and also taking steps to make sure vulnerable and elderly residents, apart from NIMBYs, are keeping well.

Cooling down

The advice includes – staying out of the heat (particularly between 11am and 3pm); cooling down with plenty of cold drinks; and keeping the home cool (closing curtains to keep out the sun and using a fan if necessary). Please avoid reading any statements by Council Leader Paul Diviani.

EDDC’s housing staff will be checking more often on residents living alone and those with particular planning  problems.  Also anyone who is linked to the Home Safeguard alarm centre at Sidmouth and who feels threatened by developers  can call one of our operators for advice.

We hope that residents will continue to enjoy the fine weather in the AONB while it’s still there, and follow the advice to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and well.

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