Knowle Move Rubber-Stamped as Diviani slates “Tory” Government

25 Jul

Predictably, last night’s Full Council meeting approved the Cabinet’s decision to move EDDC’s HQ from the Knowle by 36 votes to 7.

But in a sensational political development, Paul Diviani, the Leader of the dominant Conservative Group, publicly distanced his team from the national leadership of the Conservative Party.

Ex-Chairman of the Council, long-serving Member, Peter Halse, had criticised the leadership’s proposals for relocating the District Council headquarters as “not properly costed” and “very risky”.

He went on to say that any change of government at Westminster could have an impact upon the decision.

Councillor Diviani replied, that any change of national government would make no difference to funding for local government, shouting: “We are right, it is the Conservative Government (Eric Pickles especially) that has got it all completely wrong!…….they have reneged on everything they have agreed to.”

It was left to a Lib-Dem councillor to point out that we have a Coalition Government!

In a further hostage to fortune the Leader added that the move would “not cost council-tax payers an additional penny” – though he did concede that EDDC was ready to borrow over £4 million to fund the move.

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