The Developer and the Councillor

30 Jul

An interesting anecdote at last night’s Newton Poppleford Parish Council meeting.

County Councillor Christine Channon, giving her report, mentioned a “rap over the knuckles” that she had received from John Varley, head of Clinton Devon Estates’ development arm.

She said Mr Varley was displeased over her lack of enthusiasm for CDE’s current application to build 40+ houses in the AONB near King Alfred’s Way in Newton Pop.

He invited her to have a coffee with him to discuss the matter.

Christine, who is concerned about the impact of a large number of new houses on the already busy main road ( A3052), replied that she was happy to accept coffee, if Mr Varley would then spend an hour with her monitoring traffic flow (or lack of it) on the main road!

Well said, Cllr Channon.

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