Arm Twissting!

31 Jul

Reliable sources close to the Majority Party on EDDC tell SIN that there was some serious arm twissting after last week’s full council meeting.

Heavyweight Tory Whip Phil Twiss did not appreciate Cllr Mike Allen’s criticism of Mark Williams at the meeting for giving “biased” advice and not having a “grip” of the legal issues concerning the controversial Sidford business park and the Local Plan.

Despite “never have whipped anyone in his life”, Cllr Twiss had a few blunt words with Mike Allen which left the latter in no doubt about what he could and couldn’t say.

Phil shouldn’t have been entirely surprised by Cllr Allen’s lack of enthusiasm for Mark Williams who is also Allen’s boss at South Somerset District Council.

On March 13th, when Allen was asked for a comment by Radio Devon on calls for William’s resignation he replied that the CEO “must make his own mind up”. He had “nothing against him”, but “if there are any wrongdoings (sic!) ……he must be responsible.”
Allen concluded helpfully that the problem was that Mark Williams was a “part-time executive”!

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