Now Exmouth Town Council, like Axminster, EDDC and Newton Poppleford Parish Council, in no hurry to record meetings

7 Aug

Exmouth’s cautious approach is reported here:

Any thoughts, SIN-ners, about the reasons for delay?

2 Responses to “Now Exmouth Town Council, like Axminster, EDDC and Newton Poppleford Parish Council, in no hurry to record meetings”

  1. Tim August 7, 2013 at 6:46 pm #

    Cllr Tevor Cope is right of course, why the need to wait? Parliament allows recording, Devon County allows recording, EDDC are starting to allow (but dragging their feet).
    Look, the only reason not to record is to allow such ludicrous situations as occured at ETC in the past, where when a complaint was made against a councillor of abusing a member of the public, they said it didn’t happen because it (the words allged to have been used) were not in the minutes.
    All those who vote against recording, or against recorded votes (as shamefully happened at EDDC recently) are on borrowed time and not fit to be councillors in the 21st century. Nobody should attend a public meeting these days and not expect to be recorded and accountable for what they say. How else are we to judge what sort of job councillors and staff are doing?

  2. Paul Hayward August 13, 2013 at 8:16 pm #

    In a watershed moment, the current mayor of Axminster led a debate last night which culminated in councillors agreeing to allow members of the public to freely record the meetings of the town council without let or hindrance…. one hopes that this sends a message up the chain that councils have nothing to fear from such a policy and that public meetings are just that….PUBLIC…. Come on EDDC, join the club and allow free and open recordings to take place…. vive la revolution!

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