Recording of EDDC meetings: first meeting now online – but not quite there yet

12 Aug

The first audio recording of an EDDC meeting (Overview and Scrutiny of 25 July 2013) is now online at:

so please do check the link and listen to what you missed – it is amazing how much better councillors behave when they know they are being recorded.  Also note that when the council is recording meetings then members of the public are also allowed to record as long as no-one objects – though why anyone would object to public speaking at public meetings defeats us!

It is a welcome addition but for one thing:  we were promised that after the initial full recording we would be provided with one that was divided up into agenda items (not just mentioning one agenda item as in the above link).  Many people will be put off if they have to wade through vast amounts of stuff before they find what they are looking for.  I do hope that Councillor Twiss (the person now responsible for this area) will sort this out as it was what was originally agreed at Cabinet.


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