12 Aug
Many SIN and SOS followers will be familiar with the useful whosehomeisit website.  Here’s an appeal received earlier today from its creator:
Hello all,
I paid for the address registration and hosting for the site out of my own pocket for the first two years. Both come up for renewal at the end of August.
The site administration I do myself.
It is difficult to judge how useful the site has been, but I think the test is now simple.
If you think the site has value, go there and donate a couple of pounds via Paypal on the first page.
If you think it is worthless, don’t bother.
David Walsh
PS while you are there, sign the petition, if you haven’t done so already.
PPS I have written to the CEO of Yorkshire Water advising of the risk of criminal action for failure to exercise due diligence for leakage risks on new development, citing specific applications where those risks are genuine. Details of the legal case are on the site, on the appeals page. You may want to do something similar.



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