Now EDDC’s Local Plan has to go back to the drawing board: 53 major problems

19 Aug

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The CEO of East Devon and South Somerset district councils now has the dubious honour of both of his Local Plans being in major difficulties.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Development Management Committee says: ““This development comes as no surprise to me or to our planning team. It is common for Inspectors to call for further consultation on Local Plans submitted to them and this is only to be expected when you consider how much interest there is in the planning agenda both nationally and locally.”

Mrs Parr: the further consultation required is because the Inspector says that East Devon District Council did not consult on major changes to your Local Plan when it should have done so, not because it was so interesting!

Comments anyone?


2 Responses to “Now EDDC’s Local Plan has to go back to the drawing board: 53 major problems”

  1. Axegrinder August 19, 2013 at 9:29 pm #

    And so, the whole district is left vulnerable to speculative applications and presumptions in favour of development.

    The peculiar, self-delayed actions of East Devon officers and councillors in submitting the plan – and the incompetence with which it was executed – could not have more suited landowners and developers if they’d mapped it out on the back of an envelope themselves.

    By the way, how are the boys in blue doing on Mr B, erstwhile supremo of the EDBF?

    No news?

    Quelle surprise

  2. Dougal August 22, 2013 at 10:48 am #

    I notice that a contributor to Claire Wright’s blog has made an interesting comparison of EDDC’s planning system to a school considered as failing by OFSTED. What they omitted to say was that the headteacher would lose control and an independent team would take over the management, root out incompetence, eradicate bad practice and raise standards and morale. EDDC’s Chief Executive has now presided over failures at two councils!

    Without any external monitoring and inspection, the worsening situation at EDDC is likely to continue.
    Currently the only opportunity to bring the leadership to account will not come until the District Council elections in May 2015 – who can act on our behalf in the meantime?

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