Modest pay rise recommended for EDDC Chief Officers

23 Aug

The following agenda has much of interest, including, on p. 67, the sentence: ‘The proposed 1% increase in Chief Officer pay is a matter of discretion for Cabinet’ .

EDDC  Chief Officers  are specified as the Chief Executive, the  Head of Finance(section 151 Officer), and Deputy Chief Executives x 2 (Monitoring Ogfficer).

Here’s the link

One Response to “Modest pay rise recommended for EDDC Chief Officers”

  1. Axegrinder August 24, 2013 at 10:17 am #

    Well spotted, SID (again)

    Is the 30 hour a week Deputy Chief Executive job is the Monitoring Officer? At a pleasant £45 per hour it would seem. Nice.

    Perhaps if the basic rate had the decimal point shifted one place to the left the Monitoring Office might develop a more hungry approach.

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