East Devon Business Forum Task and Finish Forum – latest news

27 Aug

Reproduced below are two comments on Councillor Claire Wright’s blog which give an insight into the way that the EDBF TAFF postponement has been justified and a comment on it:

At 06:52 pm on 27th Aug Graham Troman wrote:

yes, I have postponed the next Taff meeting for two reasons.We need more information regarding a new business group for eastdevon.The main O&S committee supported the Taff to look at planning issues regarding employment land,but not to hold up the local plan process.On balance we need a local in place and will resume when the Inspector
has done his Job.

Taff Chairman
Graham Troman

9. At 08:00 pm on 27th Aug Sandra Semple wrote:

Very disappointed, Graham.  There is lots that the TAFF could be doing without needing to wait for a new group to form.  The TAFF should be looking into historical evidence of the influence of the last group – particularly in the light of developments we all know about – and it is not necessary to wait for this.

And who is to say that any new group will be any more representative than the old one?  Most of the new people who attended an inaugural meeting appear to have decided it was not for them when they saw that the core group wanted to run the meetings on a voting system when they wanted discussion from which might or might not emerge a policy.

Again I say:  watch this space.  I very much doubt that we, the taxpayers of East Devon, will get what we are entitled to:  a full in-depth examination of the influence of EDBF on employment land input into the Local Plan and why Atkins and Tym consultants’ reports (commissioned by EDDC and which came to very similar conclusions) were ignored in favour of EDBF which wanted vastly more employment land – especially when EDBF say in their minutes that they never even discussed. Tym and many of those same EDBF members now have planning applications in for vast amounts of development.

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