Bridleways on Muttersmoor to be registered as ‘a Byway open to all traffic’?

29 Aug
Smugglers are now less common than nightjars   in this special moor above Sidmouth.  By day, it’s  popular with walkers and wildlife .
But Devon Clinton Estates are disturbed by a recent proposal  by Devon County Council to change the status of the Muttersmoor bridleways.
SIN has been told that DCE will object on the following grounds:

Environmental credentials

Public access issues (Horses, walkers, dogs)

Archaeological interest

County Wildlife site status

Higher Level Stewardship agreement with Natural England

Royal Marines training

East Devon AONB,  Sid Vale Association,  Otter Valley Association and Natural England are being approached by DCE, to see if they, too, want to register objections.

For details of the proposal, go to   29th August  Changes at Muttesmoor ?  

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