EDDC’s Knowle figures demolished

30 Aug

EDDC’s case for moving their HQ from Knowle was demolished in a detailed letter in this week’s Sidmouth Herald from SOS supporter Robin Fuller.

He points  out that:

1. The inflated £15m figure given by EDDC for the refurbishment of Knowle is based on the cost of modernising ALL the offices including the converted Victorian hotel which many people agree is ‘not fit for purpose’. But this would be more than twice the floor space that EDDC say they will need.

2. The existing 1970s and 80s office block alone would be almost big enough to house the projected fewer staff. To refurbish these offices, according to EDDC’s own consultants’ figures, would only cost £2-£4.6 million compared with the £7-£8 million (excluding land) needed to build new offices  elsewhere.

3. This sum could be met by the sale of the older buildings for redevelopment as dwellings.

Ironically, Mr Fuller’s letter quotes EDDC’s consultants for ‘moving and improving’ (Davis Langdon) extolling the virtues of refurbishing existing buildings rather than building new ones. They claim on their website that it is usually quicker and less expensive.
A pity they didn’t tell their client!

One Response to “EDDC’s Knowle figures demolished”

  1. Sandra Semple August 31, 2013 at 5:50 pm #

    Or did they perhaps tell their client? It would have been remiss of them as consultants not to give them that information. But then again, we all know what EDDC thinks of consultants who don’t tell them what they want to hear!

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